5992LAU Simone Launt-Peters

Bachelor of Science (Anatomy & Physiology)
Graduate Diploma Nutrition & Dietetics
Diplôme de Cuisine Le Cordon Bleu
Certificates II & III (Hospitality-Commercial Cookery)
Bachelor of Business (Marketing & Management)

About Simone

Simone has over twenty years of combined professional experience in the field of dietetics and health promotion. She is passionate about ensuring her clients understand the simple components of healthy eating and the practical applications to food choices, portions and eating patterns. Her approach is fuss-free and realistic…as a busy Mum of three children she is acutely aware of the demands faced by many of her clients as they juggle family, work, studies, personal interests and civic responsibilities. She welcomes you to her website and encourages you to review her blog. It will be filled will recipe ideas, culinary anecdotes and facts about unusual ingredients and novel foods…enjoy!